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Terme Neroniane
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Terme Neroniane


Terme Neroniane - A relaxation and wellbeing residence surrounded by...

A relaxation and wellbeing residence surrounded by greenery, the Hotel Terme Neroniane is the ideal place to relax and feel regenerated: wonderful thermal swimming-pools immersed in a large park, a thermal centre for mud-bath therapy, and the very new SPA Centre run by a qualified team of health, wellbeing and beauty professionals. Style and elegance, large spaces, quiet and intimacy and a number of refined menu offerings to help you enjoy every moment of your stay. Abano and Montegrotto Spas are the largest spa basin in Europe. Our hotel is built on the ancient Roman Spas and reminds our guests of the thousand-year-old tradition of our hyperthermal salt-bromine-iodine water, which springs out from under the ground at about 78° C with its therapeutic properties. Thanks to the exposition to sun and air, thermal water causes the maturation of mud, and makes it an efficient treatment with therapeutic, pain-killing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties that were awarded by the European patent. The maturation process takes place in special tanks located in our Spa Centre and lasts about 4 months. During that period, mud is in constant contact with thermal water which flows at temperatures between 35° and 38° C. Our organic thermal mature mud is like a medicinal drug but better because it has no side effects that can be potentially harmful. It is a natural therapy and, carried out daily, can stimulate the body to react from a metabolic point of view while enhancing its self-healing capacities. Along with our range of massage treatments, the well-being and relaxation of our guests in in excellent hands ...