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Saccharum resort and spa
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Saccharum resort and spa


Saccharum resort and spa - Located in the municipality of Calheta-overlooking...

Located in the municipality of Calheta-overlooking the sea and close to the Marina of Calheta, Saccharum Resort and Spa has been designed with a natural landscaping of exceptional quality,allowing you to enjoy both the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains. A great meal can be a transcendental experience. Like you, our chefs and waiters at Saccharum feel the same about food and drinks, great ingredients make great food and great food makes you feel great. Relaxation and serenity come from a search for balance. In that search, one can choose different ways to center and reenergise oneself. Some prefer the stimulation of exercise, Hatha yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung, others the soothing effects of a spa treatment. Because we believe in a holistic approach to well-being, we offer a spa and activity for the balance of mind and body ....