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Royal Mansour Marrakech
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Royal Mansour Marrakech


Royal Mansour Marrakech - Feel the full strength of the Marrakech pulse as y...

Feel the full strength of the Marrakech pulse as you enter the Royal Mansour. Traditional architecture, lush gardens and outstandingly sophisticated riads await you. A timeless atmosphere where confidentiality is key. At peace from the buzz of the city through the enchanting décor, the mind is free to wander in this prestigious, perfectionist universe. Immaculate whiteness, the murmur of fountains, aromatic fragrances…welcome to the Royal Mansour Marrakech Spa, an architectural metaphor for the sense of well-being that awaits you. Intense hydration, exceptional massages, subtle beauty touches, make-up and hair care will take you closer to your wellness goals ...