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Domaine de Verchant
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Domaine de Verchant


Domaine de Verchant - The venue has all the qualities of otherworldlines...

The venue has all the qualities of otherworldliness, a place that disconnects you from the world without making you a foreigner. The Domaine de Verchant is a land unto itself, a place that exists outside time and space, a cosy cocoon like a family home. A luxurious hotel complete with a sublime spa, in the heart of a restored vineyard estate. Verdant Le Spa, this cocoon of bliss covering 2,000 sq meters located at the heart of 17 hectares of vineyards, the Domaine de Verchant spa is dedicated to relaxation and wellness. We have developed a comprehensive menu of Anne Semonin wellness treatments exclusively for the Domaine de Verchant Spa based on the benefits of essential oils and trace elements. Personalised treatments through the synergy of essential oils and trace elements specially selected for you ...