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Castel Clara Thalasso Spa
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Castel Clara Thalasso Spa

Hotel in BANGOR - FR

Castel Clara Thalasso Spa - Belle-lle-en-Mer, as the XIXth century poet Eva Jo...

Belle-lle-en-Mer, as the XIXth century poet Eva Jouan remarked about this Beautiful-Island-at-Sea. An ideal retreat to offer yourself a contemplative spa break. Between the, Light-legs- and Massages-of-the-world body treatments, your gaze will stray over the Aiguilles de Port-Coton, amazing rocky formations that thrust out in the middle of the ocean, the small pastel-coloured port of Sauzon, and your own imaginings. Absolute well-being and relaxation. Enjoy relaxing treatments by trained therapists, and massages to drift away to a dreamy world of relaxation and wellbeing. Thalassotherapy is essential to the concept behind the Castel Clara, entirely appropriate for the property’s coastal location. We offer modern, fully equipped facilities, high-quality treatments and cures adapted to suit your individual requirements ...