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Terme Manzi
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Terme Manzi

Hotel in ISCHIA - IT

Terme Manzi - Located on the magical island of Ischia- the Terme...

Located on the magical island of Ischia- the Terme Manzi Hotel is an architectural gem built in the 19th century. Situated in the village of Cassamicciola, well-known since antiquity for the regenerating and healing properties of its water. In this elegant, sophisticated palace, guests fall in love with the calming atmosphere of the spa, the visual feast of the garden, and the staff who simply love to satisfy the guests needs. With the remarkable cuisine that has surprises in store for even the most sophisticated palate. The thermal water gushing from the Gurgitello spring is a precious natural anti-inflammatory, with intense decontracting, analgesic, detoxifying and antioxidant properties. It’s a hyper thermal water, alkaline, rich in bicarbonates, sulphates, sodium chloride and calcium phosphates. Mud treatments, baths, aerosol and thermal inhalations help prevention and treatment of diseases of the osteoarticular system, respiratory tract, immune system and the skin, allowing to get in shape and fight stress, giving vitality and a pleasant sensation of harmony between body and mind.s, this is indeed a romantic haven imbued with charm, fragrances and impeccable service ...