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Tiara Yaktsa
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Tiara Yaktsa


Tiara Yaktsa - Built in the 1920s this five storey travellers hot...

Built in the 1920s this five storey travellers hotel is set in the midst of a terraced garden embellished with small courtyards to enjoy lunch in the shade of the pine and cypress trees. Carefully manicured Mediterranean gardens, an infinity pool, and dazzling panoramas add to the exceptional characteristics of the 5* Tiara Yaktsa rooms where silk, fine fabrics, and artworks invite guests to dream of the Arabian nights. Set between the vibrant red rocks of the Esterel and deep blue Mediterranean Sea, Tiara Yaktsa reflects the timeless splendour of the French Riviera. Upon their arrival, guests are immersed in a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. From the wide array of Sothy body treatments to the beckoning turquoise waters of the infinity pool and jacuzzi, Tiara Yaktsa is the perfect destination for a restorative stay ...